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Real Estate

Commercial and Residential
Minnick Hayner provides a broad range of legal services regarding commercial and residential real estate matters, including purchase and sales agreements, lease agreements, and 1031 exchanges. We draw on extensive experience when advising on every stage of your real estate transaction.

Water Law

Attorneys at Minnick Hayner possess a broad wealth of knowledge regarding water rights and Washington State water law. We counsel clients on ownership, control and use of water as a resource.

Wind Leases/Renewable Energy

Minnick Hayner provides cutting edge legal services regarding wind energy lease agreements. The highly skilled and experienced attorneys at Minnick Hayner protect landowners’ rights and provide outstanding legal counsel during all stages of lease negotiations. Minnick Hayner has been involved in renewable energy before wind turbines were introduced into the Northwest in the mid 1990s.

Land Use and Zoning

Minnick Hayner provides comprehensive legal services with regard to land use and zoning. Our attorneys are able to assist clients with land use applications, zoning, and variances. We are highly knowledgeable regarding the land use dispute resolution process, permitting, and municipal law, and we draw on our broad knowledge to help our clients receive the best possible result.


Minnick Hayner provides outstanding representation to wineries and wine growers. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable regarding state and local winery laws, land use, and other legal issues confronting wineries.


Attorneys at Minnick Hayner draw upon a broad knowledge base to assist farmers with agricultural-related legal issues. Our multifaceted attorneys are familiar with all areas of state and local law to ensure the best possible legal representation for farmers.