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Intellectual Property

Minnick Hayner provides comprehensive legal services to assist clients in meeting their business goals as they face complex intellectual property issues. Minnick Hayner assists clients in a wide variety of patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, Internet, and technology law matters.


Minnick-Hayner’s attorneys work with each client to integrate technology and sound legal principles to achieve maximum patent protection for each client’s invention. Our attorneys possess a broad understanding of patent law and guide our clients through the complex patent process, from the initial prior art search to provisional and nonprovisional patent application filings, and beyond.


Minnick-Hayner’s skilled attorneys recognize the importance and value of our clients’ brand names. We are experienced with trademark registration, and we strive to provide our clients with the highest possible trademark protection.


Minnick-Hayner’s attorneys strive to provide the best possible protection for our clients’ creative works. We are experienced with copyright registration, and we provide clients with a strong and effective defense against unauthorized use of those works.