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Estate Planning and Probate

Minnick Hayner desires to form lasting relationships with our clients in the area of estate planning. We help clients prepare will documents and properly establish and administer trusts. We are there every step of the way, from drafting the original will to administration of probate proceedings.


Minnick Hayner provides simple wills designed to transfer assets among immediate family, to complex wills designed to minimize estate taxes. We help clients plan for asset transfer to family, friends, and/or charitable beneficiaries. We make probate efficient and understandable.

Community Property Agreements

We help husband and wife easily transfer assets between themselves without probate or trusts. Unless drafted properly, these common agreements can have adverse consequences. Our attorneys help draft forms adopted by the Bar Association and used state wide.


Minnick Hayner can help clients use trusts for asset transfer, asset protection and charitable giving. We can help the client who wants to use trusts to avoid probate or provide for multi-generational family funding.

Power of Attorney

Every person should have a Power of Attorney which names a person or persons to help handle financial matters in the event of accident, illness, age, infirmity, or simply convenience.

Health Care Directives

Minnick Hayner can help you make sure that your wishes are followed in the event of a terminal illness, or an unrecoverable vegetative state.