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Business Law

Corporate/Business Entities

Minnick Hayner provides a wide variety of business-related legal counsel, including business formation and commercial contracts. We specialize in all types of business entities, including corporations, LLCs and partnerships.

Banking/Financial Institutions

Minnick Hayner represents banks and financial institutions in a wide variety of complex banking law issues. We offer comprehensive legal services to financial institutions in an ever-changing global economy.


Minnick Hayner represents a great number of wineries throughout the Columbia Valley. Our broad knowledge base allows us to effectively represent wineries in a wide range of legal matters affecting the industry.

Employee Handbooks

Minnick Hayner’s attorneys focus on providing outstanding comprehensive legal services. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of pertinent legal documents upon which employers can rely, including employee handbooks. Our well-crafted employee handbooks help employers avoid future employment law issues by setting out straight-forward rules and regulations upon which employees may rely.